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2010-07-22 15:01:23 Vacation For Two - Friday I agree with most everyones' comments. I"ve read a lot of stories on here and this by far is probably one of the best, It lacked a certain bullshit that exists in most stories on this site. And it wasn't just a few aspects of it that were good, but rather the entire series. You're also a pretty good writer, considering you have to pray most stories on here are written with proper grammar in order to even get through them. The only criticism I have is that the end kind of ruined it. The fact that their parents were not only happy to find that their children were fucking each other, but were pleasantly surprised is ridiculous. The thing that made this story so enjoyable was that it was somewhat believable. If it ended without their parents knowing anything and them getting away with it, the entire series would have been amazing...
2011-10-16 21:38:27 Cassie This is one of my favorite stories on here. I havn't been on in a long time and was hoping to see a sequel. Keep it true to the original though.
2011-12-10 22:16:29 Party Slut Nice story. Liked it a lot. There weren't any stupid spelling and grammar fuck ups like most stories on here so it was actually enjoyable to read.
2012-06-24 16:27:26 The Abduction and Rape of Denise! This story may have been good, but I just couldn't get through it due to the awful spelling and grammar. It was almost impossible to get through and enjoy.
2012-08-23 15:55:54 My new girlfriend wants me to get her a slave 1 I really tried to read this this story. It seems pretty good but the spelling and grammar are just so bad I couldn't get through it.