Comments from Ed Itor

Date Story title Comment
2010-04-17 17:53:56 A Very Difficult Daughter One of the best that I keep rereading.
I am sure that you had posted it at another site where I first read it & was glad to find it here to-day.
2010-05-28 22:00:31 Young Fun #2 So what will middle sister do when she finds out?
2010-06-14 18:01:17 A Kind Stranger part 1 & 2 BRAVO!
A Very Good and well written story.
For those that wished it was true, you paid the author one of the highest compliments a reader could. It proved that touching the human spirit is something that can be achieved.
I look forward to reading more of your work.
2011-06-12 16:14:37 Defying My Family Good story, you just have to keep your thoughts straight. You have him kicking the guy but say I fell to the ground.
Best way to write a story is use a word proggie with grammar & spell check (though it would not find the example i gave) and then paste it here.
2011-08-13 18:33:04 Ranchland - Chapter 1 It seems no one has picked up that Ben & his sister were adopted, so maybe they themselves were not blood related thus making his niece fair game.
Keep the story going and make it a love story as well as about their sexual coming together. Let them discover each other and grow while keeping the kinkiness down.
Check the site, these are the type of stories that get reviews and last longest on the most popular lists.