Ed Itor
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Widower since 06 & still missing her.
To make amends, so as to avoid The Darkness I have seen. HELL is Real, BTDT.
Centre of The Universe, In The Great White North
Life, until The dark Reaper brings me into The Light & Her Love again

Texts of Ed Itor

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"A Simple Spell" © pcp Fantasy 6549 times. 86.4 % Fan fiction
Tales from the Other Side © pcp 2013. Fantasy 2700 times. 76.7 % Non-Erotic
The Reluctant Hero © pcp 2013. Fantasy 4224 times. 91.9 %
A Christmas Tale Fiction 4302 times. 81.3 % Male/Female

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Magical Hearts chapter 11 Fantasy 7362 times. 93.7 % Romance, Teen Male/Teen Female, Wife