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2009-05-28 18:15:10 New Daughter, Chapter 8 GREAT story! I hope you keep their story going. Maybe a final chapter about how their lives turned out? Get married after she gets out of school and have kids? 9/10
2009-08-31 13:15:34 My First Time You know...I like a girl who wants to have sex, wants to play and experiment sexually, and who wants to have a good time, but going from a timid virgin to someone who gives blowjobs, fucks, takes it up the ass, smokes pot, gets drunk, and strips her shirt off in front of everybody in one night? I don't think so.
2009-11-01 00:13:24 Batrachian...I found this story over ten years ago and the title was "The Next Morning", so as far as I know, this was always the title.