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2009-06-05 17:07:27 Megan's Little Brother Hi Bo Bo,

You're probably right. I'm sure that if we had screwed it would have been great sex. But when you take into account our personalities and our goals at the time, I think it would have also created more problems for each of us.

When mark got a girlfriend he had difficulty with his lack of loyalty and fidelity to her. When I lost my boyfriend, quite frankly I felt like a loser at times, because I was blowing my brother everyday when my friends from school had cool boyfriends. Like most teenage girls I had my self identity and self worth all wrapped up in who my boyfriend was. I don't look at it like that now, but at the time I did and it bothered me.

So if we had screwed I think those feelings would have been greatly magnified for both of us. I think we found a good balance that made the overall experience for us positive without being too overwhelming.

But who knows, maybe the last thought to run through my head when I die will be "I should have screwed Mark." LOL
2009-06-13 02:06:06 The Gentle Maid That was very fucking funny.