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2009-05-05 21:14:50 Sibling Games How did I lose you on the death part? Just not your thing or did I not set it up properly? Thank you though for the constructive comment!!!!
2009-05-06 20:28:03 Sibling Games Got news for you buddy, if I wanted to go all violent I would have had the guy fuck her cunt and her ass with a butcher knife. I would have cut her fingers off, her toes, made her eat them etc. Your sense of reality is seriously off balance if you think the other snuff stories where better and less violent.
2009-05-08 20:59:55 That's funny, I'm the sick one? How about picking the tag line you did and reading the story and then saying the writer is sick. Got news for you buddy, your a hypocryte and that makes you sicker than anyone of us out here! I said not to read it if this sh** offends you and yet you still read it.......DUMBA**
2009-05-09 19:39:31 First off, I'm a after you pick yourselves up off the floor thank you for the compliments.....I think....hahaha. To the idiot who said I should be murdered....You do not know who or what you are talking about. My stories are NOT a complete product of MY imagination. Some is....but I also know alot of people who have confided their desires/fantasies/dark sides and have expressed wishes, because of my writing ability, to write such stories. I warned you before you read it, you still read it and yet, you still judge.....hmmmm sounds like kettle calling the pot black......BTW: I knew this particular story would be a huge shocker for 99% of the people out there, but still was urged to write there you have it!
2009-05-13 15:12:09 AGAIN....I warned you about the content before you read it. YOU STILL READ IT that makes you the sick bastard. NOT ME>BTW: if your looking to "trust" people...this ISN'T THE SITE TO FIND IT.......your effed up bigger than I am!