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2009-02-25 23:43:06 Haley's Au Pair Adventure Hey guys! Thank you for all the lovely comments. I'm working on a chapter 2 but it will probably be a few days before it is up and running. Until then, I greatly appreciate any feedback and love the positive ratings :)
2009-02-26 23:00:00 Haley's Au Pair Adventure I know, but I really wanted to have them all 2 years apart... and Idk. I've seen 10 year old boys who are into girls. But the point of it is that it's fiction and I do appreciate your feedback thank you :)
2009-02-27 01:00:41 Fourth Draft of an Autobiography seriously some of the best work i have ever seen on this site. I am anxiously waiting for your next chapter and I'm sad it's ending!!!
2009-02-27 01:03:56 Haley's Au Pair Adventure 140 pound girls with big boobs can be athletic and toned. But thank you for the comment nontheless.
2009-02-28 00:57:23 Haley's Au Pair Adventure i appreciate everyone's comments- but let's not argue over looks thank you! :D