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2009-02-17 19:01:14 graeme ad me aww....c'mon guys ( and girls)lets get some more positive comments going..if so i might just do my next story ....if you're nice
2009-03-10 19:51:04 graeme ad me a quick reply to the reader on 2009-03-08 at 20:33:18.....he'scalled graeme as that is how his name was spelt. i also thought that there was only one way to spell his name,but i was wrong :-). thanks for the complement though,i thought it was well written ( even though i failed basic englich)
2009-04-01 12:41:21 blow me fat boy! as bad as it sounds? get to leave a comment about the story and all you're bothered about is the title!?!....get a life you sad twat!....jesus!
2009-04-14 19:52:33 graeme ad me from the desk of poncho the perv:
thanks for all the positive comments,just a quick up date my 3rd story about me and graeme will be posted within about 2 weeks.thanks for reading . xxx
2009-10-27 18:50:45 graeme ad me so if we have the brains and i.q of a brick why are you in the gay section looking at these stories about young boys having sex for the first time? dont like the title and the content? dont read it and leave alone. and no balls? be glad that you're far away my very glad!