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2009-06-11 20:08:48 I like dares.... Too much screwed up HTML too read.
2009-06-11 20:10:30 the blow job babysitter Any story with a 15yo girl naked in front of a guy is great as far as I am concerned. :-D
2009-06-11 20:13:09 Babysitter fucks his boy SWEET!
2009-06-11 20:26:16 Babysitter Blackmailers I used to babysit when I was 16 and had two girls (9/10) who had a habit of running around naked. I panicked too thinking their parents would find out. They grew out of it though and finally stopped. Guess they got bored when I started to ignore them.
2010-04-24 03:07:37 DAMN! One of my favorites.