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2014-01-23 23:10:37 Emily Helps Her Little Brother Chapter 3 Please keep these coming, it is always nice to see tender stories rather than agreessive stuff .. Try however to keep the mother out of things for a bit longer ,, you might want to bring her in after the New year rather than during the tender episodes of Emily and Matt during the hoildays ... i just love this stuff the other borrish anontmous comments should be reported so then can be deleted as they sever no purpose whatso ever ..... you stuff has show me that I must get back to writing thanks for posting
2010-04-11 15:00:40 My Niece Mary Jane part 1 The speeling problem has been fixed for part 2 I thought the first one had been revised by Spell Check but I was looking at wrong proof read copy sorry ..... about that

as to lenght well i am not a big bang thank you mamme type of writer i wrote for myself, and thought may be some other would not reading what i had put on paper - be sides you need so many word of they will not post your story
2010-05-19 22:29:00 Hello- My Name is Jerome -1 Too bad for you , I put this in the fiction section becasue that is just what it is . BUT I always wondered why those little white girls seem so happy with thier black boyfriends so i decided to write a story what it might be like if I was that young black guy and not the poor old white man that I am . Fiction leaves you lots of room to work with .. some of my other stories are base mr on what actually happened perhasp you would like them better after all they are not coded interracial . I mean what did you expect a love story !!!!!!
2010-08-05 15:15:08 Sharing My Room With Sis: The 2nd Day Yes Yes

I hope you keep it coming , nice and slow , delicate, no use rushing the story
2010-08-16 08:52:21 A Trip to Grand dad's farm - part 4 the picnic I know this replique to the 2010-05-08 comment is a bit late in being posted, but for the record - I will state that none of you really know just what we did at Grand dad's farm to entertain ourselves I am however sorry I missed correcting the proper term for stalks . indeed it was always hot like hell at the farm, unless it poured rain. but it never bothered us and as to the picnic, well if you would like to come on out and pass along North Beech and the cut off , you will see that there is a small patch near where that tree is that while not covered in deep soft grass, is not quite dirt between the rows of corn. I am sorry perhaps I should have paid a bit more attention to describing the landscape for my readers. The location of this spot is very clear in my mind, so I perhaps assumed things I should not have.