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2008-11-13 21:09:47 Kelly - schoolgirl pocket money (Chapter 6) Emily---After reading all the chapters I found that you are a gifted writer.. Are you sure this is not some of your past experiences? You go into so much detail; it would seem a little more than 'fiction' ... At any rate, well told, and keep it up , girl .. This 58 year old erotic massge therapist would luv to have you on my table.. Dano
2008-11-25 10:06:29 Winter At Beech Mountain It's my first attempt at this, and a few more are being validated and will appear soon.. Dano Thanks
2008-11-27 15:23:31 Winter At Beech Mountain Chapter 5 Readers-
I'm working off an old dell at present, and Win/98 Don't even have M S Word...
I have found Open and downloaded it just now.. It will let me transfer all of my files and save them, so my future stories should be much easier to post.
As to my skills with it, I'm still learning ... but thank you all for your comments , support and E-mails..
I've had over a 100 e-mails since I started my Beech Mountain story.
Just wait to you hear about Nicole- a 19 year old from Columbia S C It will be intense , as I was invited to stay a few weeks with her to help her with a disc problem. Again--thanx Dano
2008-11-28 13:41:03 Pretty Boys Need Not Apply. Is someone giving you a hard time on campus? Knowing your expectations, he'd be wise to not jerk your chain..E-mail me soon, you have my heart.....Dano
2008-11-29 18:19:38 A BOY'S LIFE Jackass -- You're very adept at explaining things.. If I hadn't had some incestuous cousins , and Aunts, hell I would have missed out completely on alot of preteen sex. Best of all was my babysitter, who was 18 , and I was only 13.. She was my first 'fuck' and gave me a calling in life. She would often beg me to massage her back and legs, but it always carried over to sex. Her own words inspired me ,saying I had "magic hands" .. Thank you so much for reminding me of those early experiences.. Also please read a few of my stories and e-mail me with suggestions to improve ... Michael Miller