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2009-07-28 12:29:48 love this story
2011-10-02 10:56:11 Camped out in the back Field funny how people read these stories then say those of us that enjoy this are sick. Why do they read stories and comments they say are sick? daddyformygoodgirl2000
love these stories
2012-06-22 16:50:12 Camped out in the back Field Would love to talk to girls about camping with a man
2012-08-04 17:32:44 Young girl plays nurse for elderly man again would love a nurse to visit me and give me such a show followed by her sucking me off ... oh, and the showering with her i'd love as well.
2012-11-03 03:04:41 Daughter and Dad miss my daughters. looking for someone to call me daddy. if interested, leave msg