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2008-10-26 18:16:40 Daddy's Tease - Part Two Fantastic story but now you need to get both sisters at once.Young english girls realy turn me on
2010-08-21 14:16:29 Sorry about spelling and bad grammar but it was my first try .but I've found a new writing program and I'm writing a sequel about the play room coming soon
2010-11-07 14:38:25 Take It Baby Great story want to read pt 2 .maybe you can take her to a gang bang
2010-11-07 14:44:49 Take It Baby Great story keep it going .She needs a good gang bang
2010-11-11 10:44:09 Now part 4 has 2 parts of the same story so please diregard the last story that some how ended up on the bottom half of part 4