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2008-09-10 10:23:39 Christine’s Story I why do you ppl read it then complain about the content? take your uptight asses somewhere else. and a little biological info for you dummies- 1. not everybody bleeds the first time they have sex. 2. sexual feelings start before puberty, so actually sex at 13 is not that big a deal. pregnancy at 13, however, is. 3. not necessarily for this pst, but for many i have read, uhh, the hymen dissolves, and is usually gone by puberty. stop making 14, 15, 16 year olds with hymens. it's stupid. that being said, nice story, i look forward to part two.
2008-09-12 17:20:00 the Belonging, Part One thank you- mystic i will email you when the next chapter is ready. i do have quite the odd palate of fetishes, but i will be adding a little more bdsm as the story develops, strict. thanks for reading and taking the time to provide feedback to a new author, much appreciated :)
2008-11-20 21:34:11 Life With Anna yeah.. i'm not going to bitch about content, since i KNEW WHAT IT WAS WHEN I READ IT AND DECIDED TO KEEP READING (a hint to some of you posters)- but that being said, umm, your writing skills aren't great. needs to be more descriptive, not quite so choppy, a little editing... i'm generally horny 24/7 and masturbating 5-4 times a day and i got nothing out of it. thanks for the effort though.
2008-11-20 21:17:40 Mean 4 a reason this might have been spank bank material if i hadn't spent half of it trying to decipher the ebonics and numbers used in place of words. it really distracted me from the story.
2009-07-02 00:05:39 The Arrangement Part One it was mislabeled, and a few typos, but not bad. and ppl do this kind of shit everyday- so for everyone claiming it isn't real bc their marriage isn't like this, stfu, just bc you're married to a cold-cunt prude doesn't mean everyone else is. nice effort, thanks for sharing.