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2008-10-26 13:10:31 Harry Potter and the Sisters Black 7(full chapter) he made none of these stories, but took them off another site which i posted them to ages ago. The entire saga is posted on this site now, under my name.
2009-03-01 18:44:56 19Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor cool
2009-03-07 10:13:41 Jennifer, the Neighbor's Daughter WOW
2009-04-30 14:13:16 Harry Potter and the Sisters Black - The Complete Saga PART TWO Thank you all for your comments. If 10 different people (with links to a profile) leave a comment in the next fortnight saying they want a short epilogue I will write one in approx. 2 months. (I'm about to sit my Leaving Cert Exams now)
2009-06-28 19:31:13 Shelter From the Cold Great story, my only problem was unavoidable- the incest tag. The twist of the story was given away in the tags, which had to be there so the whingers wouldn't moan later. Pity, as it was the only problem I could find. And it was hard to find one problem. Thank you for a great story. I think you should leave it at this though, as the story has come to good ending. Perhaps start on a new story now, with new characters. 10 out of ten!