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2008-10-23 13:47:29 Rockmount Brat Camp Part 2 hey all thankyou so much for all the positive comments
bad news though I'm completely swamped with school work so Rockmount 3 is on hold right now :( but never fear it will be completed and uploaded and hopefully it will be completely worth the wait
2008-12-29 19:36:00 Rockmount Brat Camp Part 2 FINALLY!
Rockmount part 3 is up and awaiting your views :D
I apologize profusely for how long its taken but hopefully you'll enjoy it
2009-03-02 12:36:02 Rockmount Brat Camp Part 3 - part 1 hey sorry all it's Mr.E
sorry bout how long the next parts been taking i've had a major computer malfunction but all is right again and i've managed to re-write everything i lost and am up to final bit and hopefully it will live up to all expectations expect it definately by the end of the week if not earlier
thanks for the support
2009-04-07 14:52:48 Rockmount Brat Camp Part 3 - part 1 yeah... not sure what's better than sorry but if there is something then i'm it! i've been procrastinating to a ridiculous amount with the next installment but rest assured that i will have it done and uploaded tonight then it's up to the site to validate the story which can take a few days but it WILL be finished by tonight
oh and btw here's my email for anyone who would like to contact me or to suggest ideas for the series or even to just keep bugging me to get the next one finished =D
k byyeeeee and thnx for reading!
2009-04-13 07:02:12 yh the underline was a mistake when i was uploading it unfortunately this means i have to go through the whole validation process again :( so expect in a week maybe less hopefully