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2008-07-04 00:19:09 Step Mom, Cousin, and a lovely beach not misleading at clearly says step mother. There is obviously more chapters to this story so just wait.
2008-07-06 03:58:16 Step Mom, cousin, and a lovely beach -CH 2 Read the last chapter. It will explain a lot...It is unfortunately the last but there will be more.
2008-07-10 21:22:08 Step Mom, Cousin and a lovely beach People these stories are not meant to be judged by grammar. GET REAL PLEASE. WHO GIVES A SHIT> READ THE STORY AND THATS ALL.
2008-07-16 00:59:15 Step Mom, cousin, and a lovely beach -CH 2 Email you, really? I don't even know who I am emailing, send me a message first. HA

And yes to all the people who think any of this is wrong, IT IS NOT. It is the step mother and the step cousin. No one is blood related but the fantasy and the taboo is still there.