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2009-02-05 22:21:06 Part II is in the queue ready to be posted. Wait for it :)......
2009-03-30 21:47:46 "Holy shit, I fingered my self to this 4 times.. I love it!"
Would you like me to hold you down and finger you while I make you read it again?
2010-12-31 22:41:38 Visit with my cousins You're funny. I'm sorry to tell you but it is the same old Qlick writing the new crop of stories. Sorry if you don't like them but I write them for me and post them here to allow them to be shared. I'm sure there is another author out there that can satisfy your yen for a quality story.
2011-03-06 15:31:51 Forced Rape e-mail me and I can help with that...
2011-05-29 22:37:16 The Oldman Down the Road To clear up the confusion on this story: It is all mine, I wrote it. But it does use the same basis as another story here on this site called,"The Stone Cutter's Wife". That story was very well written and inspired me write one using the same basic premise. While it is similar and uses the same story line, it is not the same story.