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2008-09-07 08:58:09 Having Trish for Dinner. Ugh, eating breasts. The fatty tissue is rather disgusting, ideally you should eat the meat of the arms and legs. Also, you should probably cook it first ;)
2009-09-23 16:05:21 Decent story, but I would suggest improving your grammar. Also, this contains a lot of unrealistic material such as her not dying after being punched 12 times...
2009-09-29 16:23:08 iCarly: iHave Sex Meh. Sam is hotter anyways
2010-06-02 01:37:58 A Couple's Dark Secret: Kayleigh I enjoyed reading your story, but it was inaccurate.

1. It is possible for a penis or other object to go past the cervix, but it is not going through the same hole that babies come out of. There's another hole under the cervix that doesn't lead to the womb. The hole that babies come from must be slowly dilated to allow anything to enter it. Repeated bashing with a strap-on isn't gonna do the trick.

2. Adrenaline isn't just gonna make her wake up. It stimulates blood flow, but causes many averse side effects and doesn't actually act as a stimulant, but a neurotransmitter. Not what I'd recommend as a stimulant. Go with the good old fashioned amphetamines.

3. With all internal damage you caused, it's quite likely that she would have died from exsanguination well before the ne dof the story.

4. Psychology? Her reactions were unrealistic.