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2012-06-17 07:52:59 Davis' House i relate to this story when i was young.the boy next door and i reached puberty and played taking pants down looking at each others bottoms and one day his cousin did can can dance on settee we saw her knickers and she offered to pull them down if we did .
i was shy but she privatly pulled her nickers down and showed me her pussy.she made me wait a week before she agreed to do it again
on that day my sister and her mate were passing .his cousin invited them to join.I told them it was wrong for me to see my sister but the other two went in one room with boy next door and i in another
we kept swopping i showed the cousin and sisters friend my stiff cock pulling shorts down it was my first time seeing pussy they were different one thick lips the other thin slit we spent all day taking our clothes off then my sisters friend laid on table and asked me to push a pencil in her pussy i was shy.i then played same game with my other mates sister the girls were eager like the story line
2012-06-17 08:12:12 Exploring when i was 18 i worked part time in a record shop run by girls and a woman in her late twenties.i had a car and took her home after work .
i had a crush on her and shared my first kiss with her.i went round every morning before work as her hubby left .she let me put my hand down her skirt and i touched her mound and felt hairs.she never let me go futher but has a n orgasm.then she took my pants down on sofa and got my teen stiff cock out it was so good her feeling it then she started to rub my cock up and down my shaft it really got me going and i spunked up she got a flannel and washed my cock and died me with towel .i went back at lunchtime and she did it again surprised i was so eager i spunked again and she washed me and put it back in pants
i went back in the afternoon and got my stiff cock out for her she said i would not be able to cum again so soon but i squirted again she was amazed. i wrote letters to her and she replied my mother found out and that was it
2012-06-17 08:28:34 My first time with an adult when i was a teenage boy i used to stand at the gate of our house and talk to my mates .the older guy over the road would come over he had a sexy young daughter and younger wife .he talked about having a projector and had films of people having sex. He taunted me about these films and i thought about his daughter and wife.
one day he said he had set up the projector and did i want to see a film.Never having seen one i agreed and went into his front room .he put the projector on and a guy on film was looking at dirty mag he picked up phone and a woman came round he paid her and she stripped off .the quality was poor and so he explained what was happening.he said his cock was stiff and got it out it was bony and stiff then he felt my cock through my shorts and got it out i told him i didnt want to but if his wife and daughter were there he could touch me.he said no and i put my cock away and escaped he never came over again but i remember the film clearly