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2008-05-08 15:58:38 16 y.o. Zoe's First Time 1 By the wat the girls name is Zoe. For some reason e with an umlaut is not recognised. Thanx 4 the comments :)
2008-05-18 13:51:04 16 y.o. Zoe's First Time 1 "well your clearly not irish (no we dont drink whiskey at 10 in the morning... most days) but great story none the less."

Trust me i am irish. Live near Limerick. I knew de 16 year old hu was stabbed. Roman R.I.P.

"also no one runs in ireland it rains to much... :P"

We just had a week of no rain here plus 3 days this week were hotter than Rome... Any other queries?
2008-12-17 05:00:26 Laura I appreciate the criticisma nd will work on it for my next story. Thanks :)